we are Guys Making Pies

making a difference in other children's lives.

Our charity model is very simple yet very effective.

We Bake

Every pie is baked fresh in a commercial kitchen by our guys.

We Sell

Our guys sell the pies and distribute them around the holidays.

We Donate

All proceeds raised through pie sales are used to assist families in need.

We bake some great pies
all proceeds go to families in need

Since 2011 we have raised tens of thousands of dollars around the holidays to provide clothes, toys and gift cards for local children in foster care, homeless shelters, transitional programs and outreach centers. These children get very little and we do our best to give them a Christmas to remember! Our next goal is to provide these kids and familes with help throughout the entire year by raising addtional funds!

We raised $10,000
selling just one pie.

In 2013 we were asked to participate in an auction to benefit Operation Homefront at the Army's 238th Birthday Party in NYC. A generous guest bought our pie during the auction for $10,000 in both 2013 and 2014! The money raised went directly to the Army Week association and Operation Homefront which helps our soldiers and their familes who are struggling upon their return home from overseas. It has been an honor to be involved in such a special event and it is something we will never forget! We look forward to attending this event every year!

Set a goal of selling 5 pies each
we sold over 225 pies in 48 hours.

Guys Making Pies is a group of Hingham Middle School students who got together in 2011 and decided to make a difference in other children’s lives during the holidays. After some discussion the boys decided that they would bake, sell and deliver pies for Thanksgiving. The boys had a goal of selling 5 pies each and if they could do ten that was amazing! The boys asked neighbors friends and family to support their cause. The boys ended up selling over 225 pies in about 48 hours! Luckily one of the boy's (Dylan Melanson) grandparents own Bare Cove Cafe & Catering and they were able to use a commercial kitchen to fulfill the orders!

Sold over 500 pies
in 1 year alone.

In 2014 the boys have sold over 500 pies! The boys picked the charities they wanted to support and decided smaller, less known places should benefit from their work because there are many national charities that get tons of donations. They decided on The Family Life Center in Brockton which is a shelter that houses 13 families and around 40 children and as of now we are sponsoring another 21 children through the Department of Children and Families. They are hoping to provide toys, books and clothes for as many kids as they can. These guys are working everyday and completely unselfishly to pay forward the good fortune they have had in their lives.

We have everything but we are still upset nearly all the time. Those kids inspire me and are helping me become a better person. While my friends and I are trying to inspire everyone to become better people and make a difference."

-Coleman Clifford ~ 6th Grader-

Thank you to our sponsors